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Alkhazan was established in 2014 from Qatar, mainly as food supplier to hotels and large supermarket in Doha, today the company operates from Qatar and the UK, Alkhazan has managed with highly experienced team and dedication from the shareholders to create a speicalized market in Qatar.

Alkhazan imports food products from the wold leading food suppliers and manufacturers that access the GCC market through our channels.

Alkhazan is focusing at building a consolidated business, where full range of products are supplied to our customers

Food Import
We source high quality food from the world
leading manufacturer and suppliers.
We treat our suppliers
We distribute our products to our local and
regional buyers and we ensure continuous
availability of the products
Merchandising Support
We carry out merchandising support for items
delivered to our customers, with greater adher
ence to the international standards.
Head Office
57th Floor, Palm Tower - B
P.O.Box: 63856 Doha - Qatar
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